Satchmo and ebay craziness...

Do you have some spare money to share? Check this ebay auction, prepare some 1,350 dollars and enjoy this poster from a 1957 gig of the Louis Armstrong All Stars with Billy Kyle, Trummy Young, Edmond Hall... at the Pershing Municipal Auditorium. The closest experience to having been there... really?

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  1. I remember walking in New York City sometime in the late Sixties and seeing two similar posters stapled one to the other around a lamp-post. I was too timid to unfasten the posters and take them home (fearing that I would be arrested for felony by some nearby policeman) but I might have captured an equally valuable eBay item! eBay sellers seem driven by an inflated idea of the worth of their wares; whether it's optimism, ignorance, or greed, I can't tell. Thanks, Agustin!

    Michael Steinman