"Hitler hates jazz... and that suits us fine" - Duke Ellington at the Hotel Sherman, 1942

From July 17, 1942 to August 13, 1942, Duke Ellington and His Orchestra held a residency at the Hotel Sherman (Panther Room and Bamboo Room). From the Panther Room, the orchestra was broadcast every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday over NBC Blue (WNER) or NBC Red (WMAQ) in the 11 or 11:15 p.m. time slot. Many of these programs are circulating among collectors, and a few tracks have been issued on LP (Jazz Archives JA 15 & Black Jack LP-3004) and CD (Natasha Imports 4016 & Archives of Jazz 3801152).

This curious ad for that engagement, reading "HITLER HATES JAZZ... and that suits us fine", was published in Music & Rhythm (August 1942).

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