Joe Turner from INA's vaults [&4] - James P. Johnson tribute

And finally, to end this series of Joe Turner gems to be found at INA's website, here's his daring and virtuoso tribute to the great James P. Johnson, broadcast on February 28, 1969:

After the 8-bar introduction, Joe Turner plays a very uptempo rendition of the A strain from James P. Johnson's "Fascination" (check the more relaxed version by the composer from his June 14, 1939 Columbia session). Then he turns to the first strain of "Keep Off the Grass", inserts the last strain of "Over The Bars" ("Steeplechase Rag"), and finally gets back to "Keep Off The Grass" again.

Thanks to Bernard Creton for his help identifying the different sections of this medley.

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  1. Al parecer James P. Johnson infuyó bastante en Thelonious Monk, ya que Vivin En el mismo barrio.
    juan jose gonzález . Madrid

  2. Hola, Juanjo.
    ¡Qué casualidad que hagas ese comentario! Actualmente estoy escribiendo un artículo sobre la influencia del stride en Monk.
    Un saludo,

  3. Hablando de INA:imperdible el video de los Hermanos VIAN tocando THE SHEIK OF ARABY.Veanlo y me cuentan.saludos.