James P. Johnson in the U.S. Census, 1930

In 1930, James P. Johnson (36 at the time) was living in Queens on 108th Avenue (house number 17108), with his wife Lillie Mae (39) and their son James P. Jr. (4) and daughter Arceola (1). As declared, his home was owned, with a value of $ 9,000.

Fifteenth Census of the United States: 1930

Population Schedule

State: New York

Incorporated Place: New York City

County: Queens

Township or Other Division of County: Jamaica

Enumeration District Number: 41-1161

Supervisor's District Number: 34

Sheet: 11 A

Enumerated on April 21, 1930

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  1. I wonder if James P.'s house still stands? Next year, I should make a pilgrimage with my car, change for the parking meter, and my camera . . . although it would be sad if it had become a supermarket or pharmacy. Good detective work, Agustin!

    Have a striding holiday! Michael