What they said about Pee Wee Russell [3]

"(...) the miracle of Pee Wee's playing (...) the crabbed, choked, knotted tangle of squawks with which he could create such woodsy freedom, such enormously roomy private universe."

[Dick Wellstood]


"(...) el milagro de la forma de tocar de Pee Wee (...) esa malhumorada, emocionada y enredada maraña de chillidos con la que era capaz de lograr esa libertad tan boscosa, de crear ese inmenso universo propio."

[Dick Wellstood]

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  1. This is much more to the point than the jealous noise of Barney Bigard -- a beautiful creator himself, who should have been above such rancorous envy. In the ideal world, of course!

  2. In fact many New Orleans players didn't like Pee Wee's tone, but it's true that Bigard's comment was rather out of place.

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