Cotton Club programs on ebay

Two Cotton Club programs have surfaced on ebay, as a big game hunting trophy for extremely wealthy collectors of memorabilia.

The first one, listed as a "RARE 1929 ART DECO DUKE ELLINGTON COTTON CLUB PROGRAM" and with Buy It Now price of USD 150, has a colourful cover made by Julian Harrison. In fact, as you can easily discover by the listed songs and the presence of Ivie Anderson (spelled as Ivy Anderson), it IS NOT from 1929. It is from 1938, and it was partially reproduced on Duke Ellington: Day by Day and Film by Film by Dr. Klaus Strateman (Jazz Media, 1992). If you ever wanted to know the menu at the Cotton Club, you're lucky to have come to the right place [see the fourth picture].

The second one, also from the mid 1930's, also includes the great Ethel Waters, and it has an amazingly crazy starting bid of USD 800, maybe because it bears Duke Ellington's autograph.

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  1. Hi
    Some one gave me a copy of this program and I was wondering how to find it's worth now?