Old jazz magazines - record ads [3]

Here's the third installment of my series on old record advertisements from vintage jazz magazines. This time the source is Needle (from June 1944 to December 1944) and labels are Asch, Apollo, Blue Note, Savoy and the very rare S.D.

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  1. I notice that even though the 1944 Savoy sides with Lester Young are now released as if he had been the leader, that they were sessions led by the very talented pianist Johnny Guarneri. Oh! the fashions in jazz hagiography -- which is to take nothing from Pres, of course.

  2. Interesting remark, Michael. If Bruyninckx discography is correct, the original Savoy 509 and Savoy 511 78 rpm discs were released as by Johnny Guarnieri Swing Men and all the LP reissues as by the Lester Young Orchestra. I'll try to find label scans of those 78's.

    Best regards (and welcome back!)