Jimmie Noone bio-discography - long overdue!

Jimmie Noone - Jazz Clarinet Pioneer, the new bio-discography of the great clarinetist by James K. Williams, is available from the author at tubawhip@comcast.net for $20 US per copy plus packaging and postage ($4 US in US, $4.50 US to Canada and $8 US to overseas destinations).

This book has 120 pages and includes extensive photographs from the Frank Driggs and Duncan Schiedt collections, Chicago Defender advert art and several historic Noone documents. A long overdue tribute!

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  1. De Juan José González:

    "JIMMY NOONE tuvo de profesor al clarinetista de N.Orleans LORENZO TIO Jr., mulato, hijo de otro gran clarinetista del mismo nombre y cuya familia procedía de México, teniendo también ascendientes blancos catalanes"