Dust the mouldy pics off! [1] - Keppard with Lil Armstrong

Tonight I'm starting a series on old photographs published in The Jazz Information magazine in 1940 & 1941, featuring jazz bands from the 1920s. Some of them are very good shots; some of them are of substandard quality. Some of them have been published elsewhere; some of them I haven't seen anywhere else. All of them are a very importante piece in the jazz hisory puzzle; all of them are worth rescuing.

Hope you enjoy'em!

Freddie Keppard with Lil Armstrong's band

From left to right: John Thomas (trombone), Ted Eggleston (drums), Lil Armstrong (piano), Freddie Keppard (cornet) and Jerome 'Don' Pasquall (clarinet). This group was formed in 1928, when Pasquall was leading his own twelve-piece orchestra at Harmon's Dreamland, the Arcadia Ballroom and various benefits in Chicago, with Freddie Keppard on cornet. Lil Armstrong asked Don to form a small group for gigs around Illinois and Indiana, and the combination illustrated was the result. The band was always on demand, Don says, because it was a "real hot band, with Freddie blowing his top every session. In fact, Freddie was a whole brass section by himself".

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