Dust the mouldy pics off! [2] - Elmer Snowden's Nest Club Orch.

Elmer Snowden's Nest Club Orchestra in 1925

Left to right: Te Roy Williams (trombone), Elmer Snowden (leader and banjo), Joe Garland (alto and baritone saxophones), Walter Johnson (drums), Freddy Johnson (piano), Bob Ysaguirre (tuba), Prince Robinson (tenor sax and clarinet) and Rex Stewart (cornet).

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  1. From Yves François:

    "Great band, made one great 78 - how did snowden record so little with his organized bands is a mystery - and this one came out under the trombone player's name (one te roy williams) who was on two week notice when the session was recorded!! rex, freddy johnson, prince robinson, joe garland - they should have recorded 20 titles for harmony !!"