Old jazz magazines - record ads [4]

Getting back to my series on old record advertisements from vintage jazz magazines, here's a new installment. Clef magazine (April to July 1946) is the source and labels are West Coast Recordings, Excelsior and Cadet.

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  1. From Donald Clarke:

    "Interesting. Mingus had 78s on Excelsior too, I think."

  2. Yes, Donald. The Mingus Sextet (1945) and Mingus & his Orchestra (1946) sessions, both included in the Uptown CD "Charles Baron Mingus - West Coast 1945-1949".

  3. From Donald Clarke:

    "That Uptown release was very exciting; I remember Chuck Nessa showing me the booklet before the CD came out. We were at the Chicago Jazz Festival, must have been 2000. I thought the booklet alone was almost worth the price!"