Louis Armstrong & the Carroll Dickerson Orchestra (June 1929)

After his brief stay at the Savoy in New York in March 1929, which had been promoted by OKeh's Tommy Rockwell, Louis Armstrong returned to Chicago, where work was scarcer than before for the Carroll Dickerson Orchestra. From June to late 1929, Louis Armstrong and Dickerson's band would be billed in the New York City musical Connie's Hot Chocolotes, showing at Broadway's Hudson Theater and Connie's Inn.

Here's a hand program from a concert at the Graystone Garden in Detroit, with Satchmo featured as "Lou Armstrong, World's Greatest Trumpet Player", courtesy of Linda Fitak.

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  1. Agustin,that's an amazing piece of paper . . . I'd like to steal it for my blog, but have to know how it came to you, if you can tell the story. Did you have to make a bargain with Satan? I hope not. Tell us everything!

    Admiringly yours, Michael Steinman

  2. Una joyita¿alguna sorpresa de EBAY tal vez?

  3. Thanks for the comments, Michael and Mario.

    I saw your post in JazzLives, Michael. Thank your for the kind words and, of course, feel free to use these gifts!

    Agustín (the sorcerer of jazz paper) :-D