Willie The Lion Smith transcriptions

Paul Marcorelles has just published a book with transcriptions of 15 original piano solos by Willie The Lion Smith. It is available from this website, both on paper and as a pdf file.

-"Concentrating", "Sneakaway", "Echoes Of Spring", "Finger Buster", "Fading Star", "Rippling Waters", "Stormy Weather", "I'll Follow You" and "What Is There To Say?" are taken from the famous January 10, 1939 Commodore session.

-"Passionnette" and "Morning Air" are reportedly taken from a 1937 recording, but in fact I think these two pieces are taken from the January 10, 1938 Decca session, as I haven't found a recording of these two tunes from 1937 in any of my discographies.

-"Here Comes The Band", "Cuttin' Out", "Portrait Of The Duke" and "Zig Zag" are taken from 1949 sessions, probably the Royal Jazz/Vogue sessions from December 24, 1949 (for "Cuttin' Out") and December 1, 1949 (for the other three).

Paul Marcorelles had previously published two books with transcriptions of Fats Waller piano solos, to be found here and here.


Paul Marcorelles acaba de publicar un libro con transcripciones de quince solos de piano de Willie The Lion Smith. Se puede adquirir en esta web, tanto en papel como en formato pdf.

-Las transcripciones de "Concentrating", "Sneakaway", "Echoes Of Spring", "Finger Buster", "Fading Star", "Rippling Waters", "Stormy Weather", "I'll Follow You" y "What Is There To Say" están sacadas de la famosa sesión para el sello Commodore de 10 de enero de 1939.

-"Passionnette" y "Morning Air", según señala el autor, están sacadas de una grabación de 1937, pero creo que más bien se refiere a la sesión de 10 de enero de 1938 para el sello Decca, puesto que no he encontrado ninguna grabación de esos dos temas del año 1937 en ninguna de mis discografías.

-"Here Comes The Band", "Cuttin' Out", "Portrait Of The Duke" y "Zig Zag" están sacadas de grabaciones de 1949, probablemente de las sesiones para Royal Jazz/Vogue de 24 de diciembre ("Cuttin' Out") y 1 de diciembre (las otras tres).

Paul Margorelles había publicado previamente dos libros de transcripciones de solos de piano de Fats Waller (volumen 1 y volumen 2).

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