What they said about Pee Wee Russell [2]

“I used to buy Down Beat magazine all the time but once I read that Pee Wee Russell had won a Down Beat poll. That did it. I never read that magazine again. Guys like him and Frank Teschemacher aren’t clarinet players to me. (…) Man, Pee Wee is terrible – he’s terrible because he’s nothing. You know what people like? They like to see him squirm and make faces – that’s what they enjoy about Pee Wee. The guy is nothing plain and simple. What a stinking tone he’s got”.

[Barney Bigard]


“Solía comprar habitualmente Down Beat, pero una vez leí que Pee Wee Russell había ganado una votación en esa revista. Eso fue todo. Nunca volví a leerla. Para mí, tipos como él y Frank Teschemacher no son clarinetistas. (…) Pee Wee es terrible. Y es terrible porque no es nada. ¿Sabes lo que le gusta a la gente? Les gusta verle retorcerse y poner caras, eso es lo que les gusta de Pee Wee. El tipo no es nada, no hay que darle más vueltas. ¡Y qué tono tan apestoso tiene!”

[Barney Bigard]

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  1. Professional jealousy, pure and simple! But not everyone understands what Pee Wee was doing -- to this day. Their loss! Thanks for reminding us, once again, about a jazz genius.

    Michael Steinman