James P. Johnson, The Father Of Stride Piano

Here's where it all began...

... or very nearly...

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  1. Dear AP,

    Pardon me for being monolongual -- but I came to your blog through Organissimo and was enchanted. I've put you on my blogroll and hope you'll visit my jazz blog, "Jazz Lives" at WordPress. Enough self-advertisement: now I'm going to listen to some rare Dick Wellstood!

    Cheers and thanks,
    Michael Steinman

    and, yes, there was HEROIC JAZZ before Coltrane!

  2. Thanks for the kind words and, of course, no need to apologize for being monolingual.

    Just started this project and hope that some day it could reach the high standards of Jazz Lives, which I've been reading for several months now and have already included on my blogroll.

    I will try to include something in English on each post, either complete translations or at least excerpts or a summary.

    Well, time to get back to my headphones, as Bud Freeman is playing "The Eel".

    Best regards,
    Agustín Pérez