Bernd Lhotzky plays Chopin

As the very same German pianist points out in Dan Morgenstern's liner notes to the Dick Hyman and Bernd Lhotzky duet disc Stridin' The Classics (Jazz Connaisseur JCCD 0347-2), Frédéric Chopin's Etude in Gb Major (Op. 25, #9), called "Butterfly Etude", "could almost be by James P. Johnson, and comparisons with "Carolina Shout" are almost inevitable: the harmonic structure of the beginning of the theme is almost identical". Listen and enjoy this 3:20 version, uploaded by TheGreatKahulik on youtube.

And what about the Waltz In C-sharp Minor (Op. 64, #2)? Check and compare the "straight" version, where Lhotzky displays his magnificent classical education, and then his hot and stompig stride take.

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  1. Interesante: le falta alma" pero formalmente es una buena idea. Django Reinjardt grabó en jazz piezas de música clásica . Los nazis decidieron destruir los discos, al considerarlos música degenerada.
    juanjo gonzález