Ellington and his "freak chords"

This article was published in the Afro American on May 3, 1930. One Dance Halls reminds us that Duke Ellington, called here by the not so known nickname of "The Emperor Of Jazz" (as opposed to Paul Whiteman being "The King Of Jazz") was known for writing "weird melodies" and was always experimenting with "freak chords". Weird freakin' adjectives for such a genius!

[EDIT: I have been reminded by Arne Neegaard that the American Emperor of Jazz was Art Hickman. Of course he is absolutely right: this white bandleader was stylistically much closer to Paul Whiteman. By the way, and talking about nobility, Duke Ellington was in fact the Harlem Aristocrat of Jazz. There is even a book with that title: Duke Ellington: Harlem Aristocrat Of Jazz, by Jean de Trazegnies (Hot Club, 1946).]

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  1. Wouldn't Ellington best be described as the Duke of jazz??