The Lion on BBC's "Jazz 625" (1966) - 30 min. show

BBC's Jazz 625, hosted by the late Humphrey Lyttelton, featured Willie The Lion Smith in a program from 1966, accompanied by Brian Brocklehurst (bass) and Lennie Hastings (drums) in some selections.

Youtube offers us the opportunity to watch the complete show, which included "Carolina Shout", "Morning Air", "St. Louis Blues", "Dardanella", "Nagasaki" and "Relaxin'".

The Lion obviously enjoys being in the spotlight, facing the audience, smoking his cigar, mopping his brow, talking, joking, vocalizing and improvising over these classical jazz piano chesnuts.


Dust the mouldy pics off! [5] - revisited

Regarding my previous post, that included a photograph of the Sugar Johnnie's New Orleans Creole Orchestra, fellow blogger Chris Albertson provides a better quality picture, without any damage preventing us from seeing Lil Hardin's face. Chris reports that the photograph was directly taken from Lil's own wall. If you want to read Lil Hardin's recollections from an unpublished copyrighted manuscript and take a look at many interesting pictures and documents, don't miss Stomp Off in C's archives from August and September 2009.

As always, thanks a lot, Mr. Albertson!


Dust the mouldy pics off! [5] - De Luxe Cafe Band

De Luxe Cafe Band a.k.a. Sugar Johnnie's New Orleans Creole Orchestra (c. 1917)

From left to right: Wellman Braud (bass), Lil Hardin (piano) (not recognizable due to damaged photo), Lawrence Duhé (clarinet), Sugar Johnnie Smith (cornet), Roy Palmer (trombone) and Minor Hall (drums)


Dust the mouldy pics off! [4] - Buddy Petit's Jazz Band

Buddy Petit's Jazz Band. Covington, Louisiana. 1920

From left to right: unknown, Eddie "Face-O" Woods (drums), George Washington (trombone), Buddy Petit (cornet), Buddy Manaday (banjo), Edmond Hall (clarinet) and Chester Zardis (bass).

Anyone cares to identify the man on the left? Could it be Pill Coycault, Sadie Goodson or "Chinee" Foster, all of whom were part of Petit's band in those years?

Dust the mouldy pics off! [3] - Arthur Gibbs' orchestra

Arthur Gibbs' Orchestra: Savoy Ballroom, NY (June 1927 to January 1928) and Arcadia Ballroom, NY (February 1928 to June 1928)

From left to right, back row: Sam Hodges (drums), George Washington (trombone), Leonard Davis (trumpet), Billy Taylor (tuba). Front row: Edgar Sampson (alto sax), Happy Caldwell (tenor sax), Gene Michael (alto sax), Arthur Gibbs (piano) and Paul Bernet (banjo).