Dust the mouldy pics off! [4] - Buddy Petit's Jazz Band

Buddy Petit's Jazz Band. Covington, Louisiana. 1920

From left to right: unknown, Eddie "Face-O" Woods (drums), George Washington (trombone), Buddy Petit (cornet), Buddy Manaday (banjo), Edmond Hall (clarinet) and Chester Zardis (bass).

Anyone cares to identify the man on the left? Could it be Pill Coycault, Sadie Goodson or "Chinee" Foster, all of whom were part of Petit's band in those years?

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  1. From John Royen:

    "I played and toured with the bassist- Chester Zardis, at Preservation Hall fot 5 years."

  2. From John Royen:

    "Yes, he was very old then... late 80s. He died in his mid 90s. Played a string straight four beat but very clear harmonic movement.He was one of the few guys left that remembered Bolden."

  3. Augustin, The man on the right is singer Leon René. Please send me a word as I lost many addresses in a MacIntosh crash!!!
    Dan Vernhettes, jazzedit(at)sfr.fr

  4. The Man on the left is Leon Rene - composer of "Sleepy time down south" and other hits