Victor 18255 - the first jazz record (2)

Advertisements for the first disc by the Original Dixieland Jass Band were widely spread, not only in the big newspapers, but also in small town papers. From my own research, what follows is a collection of newspaper ads announcing the release of Victor 18255. Some of them are direct Victor ads, others were paid by stores or record dealers.

(in the first one, note that you are cordially invited to hear the first record that is really "Jassed" music)

Fort Wayne Sentinel, April 17, 1917:

LaCrosse Tribune, April 17, 1917:

Chester Times, April 18, 1917:

Decatur Daily Review, April 22, 1917:

Waterloo Evening Courier, April 23, 1917:

Titusville Herald, April 24, 1917:

Hutchinson News, April 27, 1917:

Lowell Sun, April 27, 1917:

Winnipeg Free Press, May 1, 1917:

Finally, and without trying to deal with the knotty issue of ODJB's Victor 18255 actually being the first "jazz music" put on record, this article by Scott Alexander, published at the Red Hot Jazz website, lists several discs recorded before February 26, 1917, in which either the word "jazz" ("jass" or "jas") was included in the song title or the band was labeled as a "jass" band on the record label.

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  1. Agustín, que interesante y notable artículo, toda una pieza histórica que para los que somos amantes del jazz, tiene una especial connotación.
    Felicitaciones y mis agradecimientos por darnos a conocer esta historia de las primera grabaciones de la música de jazz.
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  2. Gracias, Héctor. Habrá más sobre el tema.
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