Satchmo, the boop boop a doop man

Songstress and comedienne Helen Kane caused quite a sensation in the late 20's and early 30's with her remarkably unique style, full of charm and talent. His signature scat phrase was "boop boop a doop" and actually she was a bit overshadowed by Betty Boop, the character allegedly ripped-off from her persona.

Have you ever heard Louis Armstrong called "boop boop a doop man" in reference to his scat singing? No? Well, it's about time you read this brief notice published in The Afro American (May 3, 1930).

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  1. Great stuff, Augustin! I've never heard that description before...for all of his scatting, I doubt Armstrong ever scatted the phrase "boop boop a doop" but hey, whatever works. It's interesting to see Zack Whyte mentioned. That engagement was notable because Sy Oliver played in Whyte's band at the time and later discussed how terrified he was to be playing behind Pops. Naturally, they made so many great records together in the 50s but that first experience with Whyte's band had an undoubtable impact on Sy.

    Keep 'em coming!