Paul Whiteman pays $7,750 to settle suit

Unsurprisingly, musicians also have to deal with earthy matters, and not even the so-called King of Jazz escaped from a knotty divorce. This article was published in the New York Times, March 25, 1926, when Paul Whiteman was a very popular bandleader.


Como no podía ser de otra forma, los músicos también tienen que lidiar con los asuntos terrenales, y ni siquiera el presunto “Rey del Jazz” se libró de un divorcio espinoso. Este artículo se publicó en el New York Times el 25 de marzo de 1926, época en la que Paul Whiteman era un director de orquesta muy popular.

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  1. That was a great deal of money in 1926! Of course, by then Whiteman had become exceedingly famous -- the Aeolian Hall concert, the "King of Jazz." But at the distance of seventy years, it would be impossible to gather any true sense of who did what to whom from this newspaper story. Divorce, ah, divorce . . . ! Cheers, Michael Steinman

  2. According to this website


    $7,750 from 1926 is worth $94,271 in 2008, using the Consumer Price Index. I was expecting a higher figure.

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